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About the Artist

Jeri Anderson - Photo

Jeri grew up in Cincinnati Ohio, has a degree in biology and has pursued a variety of creative interests over the years. Her early work was mostly pencil sketches and pastels. To further her art education and meet other artists, Jeri has attended workshops and classes taught by local artists Ann Thiermann, Seana Mallen, Margaret Renner-Hellman and Mike Bailey, among others.


Recently, she has been working in watercolor and mixed media with a group of Santa Cruz artists, and has been developing a body of work in those mediums. Her style ranges from realistic, to very loose and even graphic novel-like depending on the project or subject matter. Jeri's favorite subjects include animal portraiture, Santa Cruz architecture and scenery.


Jeri is a member of the Santa Cruz Art League and participates in community fundraisers like the annual "Hearts for the Arts" that benefits local schools. She shows and sells selected originals and giclée reproductions (cards, prints of various sizes and framed prints) at the Art of Santa Cruz gallery in the Capitola Mall. Please contact Jeri for more information, including availability of original artwork and to arrange commissions.

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